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Women in Science Day

Last week I was invited to be a Science role model for Young Girls! I know what you’re thinking … I’m not a scientist, I don’t work in a lab and I’m not a tech genius!

I was obviously a little nervous to be talking to these young impressionable girls about their career choices, however it became apparent very quickly, that it didn’t matter what I did, it only mattered what I could share with them.

Only 1 girl in 160 knew what the MedTech industry was, which is surprising but after a speed dating type event, I got the chance to show them exciting and amazing products, that got more jaw drops than if they were in a sweet shop!

One of my favourites was showing them the Ironman bionic arm produced by Open Bionics and they simply were in awe of this industry and asking how to have a career in MedTech!

The other ‘Women in Science’ Role Models, were super impressive and the atmosphere in the Hall, at Tolworth school for girls was buzzing. The Nurse, shared her ER stories and had different medical devices out to be played with, the Tech wizz had a computer in a 100 pieces, there was a robot and a Lab Scientist from Cancer Research.

Amy Ryman, who organised the event, said “It was a great success and I was excited to see how engaged the girls were with all the different speakers.”

One girl who simply took me by surprise, was about 13 years old, she leaned over the table and said, “So if I take these three subjects and do a degree in this and a PHD in that, what career options do I have?”

She leaned back and just looked at me with a confidence I envied. I quickly schooled my shocked expression and pulled up some options of people I had placed in roles, shared some stories of their careers and exciting projects they were part of and she was elated.

It felt great to inspire in this way and put my knowledge of recruitment and MedTech to good use, so the important question is, what are you doing to be a Role Model in your industry to the next generation?

If you want to find out more, please reach out, you can get in touch here.  



By: Leanne Delaney

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