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How to attract more females to your life science business?

Whilst more women are getting into science careers the gender gap is still far too large. The question remains, how can we attract more women into Life Science careers?

What are the factors that are stopping women?

A well debated question is whether we don’t give women enough science opportunities when they are young or if science is just not suited to what women are looking for?

It’s safe to say that male dominated workforces can be off putting to women breaking into a new career and leave them feeling isolated. It’s also a pressured position to be the ones leading the way for more women to join the science route.

There is also a perceived sexism in the science field and a lack of flexible working opportunities that can put women off before they have even started.

What can we do to change?

Science needs to be more engaging for girls in school, after school clubs, access to extended learning all pave the way for girls to grow into women that have science careers.

Women supporting women is also a very beneficial technique. By forming a network of woman already in science to mentor and support those new entrants, women will reduce the exclusion they may feel in their careers.

Women only CPD offerings are becoming more mainstream and provide women with courses in which they can explore their career goals and get advice from other women in the same situation as they are.

What we think about women in the workplace

Xplore is committed to supporting a gender balanced workforce and we work alongside candidates to help them into the roles they are a perfect fit for. Women should feel confident in reaching out to use as their preferred life science recruitment agency as we recognise the value they bring to the industry. Don’t delay, start your career on the right path with Xplore! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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