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How to Apply for a Medical Affairs Job?

Perhaps you’ve recently qualified and are ready to apply for a medical affairs job for the first time? Or maybe you’re already working in the industry and are ready for your next step up the career ladder? Whichever applies to you, you’ll need to know how to make your application in the best possible way to ensure you secure your choice of position. Luckily, it need not be difficult to apply for the best available roles.
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Medical Affairs Jobs Explained

Medical affairs jobs take a key place in today’s pharmaceutical industry. Acting as a conduit between the entire medical community and the pharmaceutical sector, medical affairs professionals must manage external relationships between thought leaders in every therapeutic specialism, patient groups, and authorities in the scientific community.

Those who work in the medical affairs industry work in a cross-functional working environment, linking commercial activities with science. By providing scientific and clinical support for commercial products produced by the pharmaceutical sector, medical affairs professionals act as the medical face of the industry.

With this function being an essential one within pharmaceutical organisations, it isn’t too surprising that many roles are available offering a variety of progression pathways for professionals at all levels of their career.

Applying Independently

The most common way of applying for a medical affairs job is to make an independent application. Some applicants choose to contact organisations that they are interested in working for with their CV and a letter to explain their interest and experience. While this can be effective, it can also be disheartening and time-consuming.

Others look for jobs on the internet or in local newspapers and apply for each one individually with a separate application form and covering letter. Again, this takes a long time and can be a stressful process.

Using A Specialist Recruitment Agency

If you’re ready to apply for a medical affairs job the best way is to use a specialist recruitment agency. Xplore Life Science is a specialist in recruitment for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, so you can be confident that your career is in very safe hands. By connecting you directly with some of the most prestigious organisations in the industry, we can help you to find the role of your dreams and do all the hard work to place you in your perfect position on your behalf.
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