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Women Who Lead – A Podcast Mini-Series

Women Who Lead is a Podcast Mini-Series, part of Med-Tech Talks. As part of our Diversity & Inclusion work across Xplore & SGI we’re interviewing female business leaders across Pharma, Medical Device and Medical Communications, and hearing their success stories.

Where did Women Who Lead Come From?

This Podcast series is hosted by Leanne Delaney, our VP at Xplore NYC.

When asked about this project, Leanne highlighted her thought process and ideas behind this series are focused on gender imbalance and female uncertainty throughout the industry.

“My career has been in a very male-dominated industry and I am constantly asked by women, ‘How do I progress?’ ‘How do I handle this situation?’ ‘How did you get a promotion?’ ‘Should I apply for that job? I’m not sure I’m good enough?’

How to attract more females in your life science business? 

Recruiting into the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Medical Communications Industry I thought there was a better female to male ratio, however, my network of females who are years into their career, are still stuck in getting to that next level and they are eager to hear success stories, journeys of triumph and tips from female leaders who they can emulate.”

Women Who Lead follows the stories of 8 females, their journeys to leadership, their experiences in the workplace, and their relationships with the hiring process and the unidentified subject of bias.

Our podcast is a part of Source Group International’s D&I work, opening and exploring conversations and actions across our industry to remove bias. Gender is our first focus, with a variety of virtual events happening during September & October 2020.

Stay tuned for more information and the episode releases!




By: Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher

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