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New Year New Job?

If you’re thinking about a career change in the new year, you’re not the only one in Life Sciences. The number of job seekers looking for new opportunities soars in January compared with the rest of the year, it’s not surprising as we’re surrounded by paraphernalia and subliminal messaging emphasizing “New Year, New You”, “New Change”, “Fresh Start”. Experts say the new year is a good time to start looking for a different occupation as candidates and recruiters come back to work reinvigorated after the Christmas lull. But with so many people looking for jobs this time of year, how do you stand out from the crowd to ensure you’re that step closer to securing that new job in 2020?

Get your CV recruiter ready

Your CV needs as much work as you do, after all, it’s the window to your skills and experience, and perhaps the only window a future hiring manager will come in contact with. Do not be generic, tailor your CV to each posting and each application will improve your chances of meeting the candidate requirements of the positions you’re applying for. If you’re not sure about your CV, need some guidance about updating, please speak to one of our experts at Xplore for their CV advice.

Be Clear on what you want

It’s the start of a new decade, think to yourself: what do I want this year? What are your requirements for job satisfaction?  It may be more flexibility, a higher salary, or simply a new challenge. Be clear and honest and focused on your goals.

Create your online presence and network.

Professional networking sites like LinkedIn have become immensely popular with recruiters worldwide – with 90% regularly using the platform. Personalise your profile and bring it to life. connect with all the relevant people and then use this network to push yourself in the right direction. Remember to keep it professional, your profile should only consist of elements you want an employer to see.

Know your value

You need to know your unique advantage. How do you stand apart from everyone else? Ask yourself two questions for this, what are your unique gifts and talents that set you apart from everyone else? When you recognize the answer to that, turn the mirror around and ask yourself what value do you add? What problems do you solve for your clients, or where you work, or for yourself? It’s vital to know your value at all times.

Make the most out of your interview

Once you make it to this stage, the end goal really is within reach, but preparation is key here. Taking the time out to practice potential interview questions and learning to keep your calm could be the difference between receiving an offer and falling back to the starting line. Bring out your best side to show why you are a great fit, and remember the interview is an opportunity to ask your questions to the employer too.

Make 2020 the year for your new career, and big decisions. If you need assistance with your 2020 job search, get in touch with our Xplore team.

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