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Pharmacovigilance Jobs

When pharmaceuticals are involved, whether its medical devices, drugs and medication or any other equipment or tools, quality control and safety are big concerns for companies and organisations involved. Not only is it bad for business if drugs that reach the hands and mouths of end users are in anyway unsafe or harmful, but there is the risk of them causing serious illness, injury and even death. Which is why of all the various roles within the pharmaceutical sector, what are known as pharmacovigilance jobs are one of the most important.

Do you want to be part of the system that ensures the medications and pharmaceuticals reaching the commercial market are as safe as they can and should be? Do you have an eye for details and are interested in taking a methodical and strict approach to your work?

Then, we want to hear from you here at Xplore Life Science. We have only been in operation under this branding since 2017, but as our founders are Gavin Tew and Lawrence Hargreaves, two individuals who have a sterling reputation and more than 20 years of active service within the sector, we are suitable positioned.

It is undoubtedly because of this and our people first approach to recruitment that has helped us to attain and maintain a strong and authoritative position in the sector. Clients choose us because they know we get results, as do candidates. That is always our goal to get the results either side of the sector desires. When we do that successfully, and our clients are happy and candidates are happy, then we are happy.
Don’t be surprised, then, if you have been looking for work for some time through the recruitment sector, if some of our methods differ from other agencies.

We have never been an organisation to be concerned with numbers. Our role first and foremost, as we’ve already said is filling vacancies available within our client’s companies and organisations with suitably qualified and motivated individuals.

Although we are keen to learn all about your academic performance and work experience to date, we also want to know about you as a person. This will better our efforts to land you those interviews and, hopefully, a dream position and the start to a fresh and exciting new career.

Get in contact with Xplore Life Science and see for yourself how we could help you.