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Pharmaceutical Quality Control Jobs and Recruitment

Quality control is an important part of any manufacturing process. When it comes to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, whether its medical devices, drugs or anything else, the strictest of guidelines and regulations need to be followed at all times. Given that the welfare, health and safety of the general public is at stake, pharmaceutical quality control jobs require the right sort of individuals. Are you known as someone who pays close attention to the smallest and most minute of details? Do you believe in always doing your best?

If you are suitably qualified, whether you’ve been previously or are still currently employed in another part of the industry, a completely different industry or have graduated, Xplore Life Science may be able to help you.

It’s true that operating under this particular name, we are not an especially old recruitment agency. However, before our formation in 2017, our founders Gavin Tew and Lawrence Hargreaves had amassed more than 20 years’ worth of experience building up agencies.

One of the most striking things about our agency, which is part of the Source Group, is its focus on the individual. We are people centric. Whether we are working with one of our esteemed clients or championing a pharmaceutical quality control jobs candidate as the right person for a particular job we focus on the humans not the numbers.

If you choose to apply for work through our agency, we will work tirelessly to help your dreams come true. As well as vetting your academic and employment history and assessing the skills you can bring to a position, we will also want to learn more about you.

As well as your aspirations and goals in life, we want to get a handle on your personality traits. Are you a great team player, a formidable and trustworthy leader, do you think outside the box, are you not afraid to voice your opinion? These are all questions we want to ask. The answers can help improve and enhance our efforts as your advocate to find you work.

If you would like to join our life science and pharmaceutical recruitment agency, get in contact with us today. You can do that by giving us a call, emailing or uploading your CV if you are short on time. From there, we will be in contact and walk you through the process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you land that dream position in the exciting world of pharmaceutical quality control jobs.