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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Jobs and Recruitment

Do you have a degree in chemistry or an associated science and are looking for an exciting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing job opportunity to put what you have learned to potentially life-changing use? Maybe you have been working in a different part of the life science and pharmaceutical sector and want to change? Regardless of what your reasons or where you are coming from, if you are looking for pharmaceutical manufacturing jobs, make sure we, at Xplore Life Science are your first port of call.

Despite our relatively young age as a life science and pharmaceutical recruitment agency, having only been established in 2017, we have experience and expertise at our disposal. The founders of our agency, Lawrence Hargreaves and Gavin Tew, have more than 20 years’ worth of experience working with recruitment agencies, taking a uniquely people-first approach.

That there is one of the reasons we believe we are different from many of our competitors and rivals. We put people first ahead of everything. From dealing with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing job candidates to dealing with representatives for our various clients.

We also have a worldwide reach, with offices in Switzerland and the United States alongside our London headquarters. If you are looking for work beyond the domestic market, therefore, we can help you secure an overseas Pharmaceutical Manufacturing job.

In our position as a life science and pharmaceutical sector recruiter, we see our job as being advocates for the candidates we work with. In order for us to help present you in the best possible light as a true contender for any position with one of our esteemed clients, we need to understand you on a personal level.

As part of our application and vetting process, therefore, we will not only look at important details such as your education and any previous employment experience you have had. We will not just consider your skillset. These are all vital, but they are not all we need to know.

We want to learn about you as a person, you as an individual. So, we will also ask you about your aspirations, gaols and what you want out of life. When you are trying to win that prized position on a team and are faced with competition from numerous candidates all with the same kind of experience and academic background as you, you need an edge.

Help us to discover your edge, so we can help you start the career you desire.

To find employment in one of the many pharmaceutical drug safety jobs out there, get in contact with us today! You won’t regret it!