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Medical Science Liaison (MSLs) Jobs

Medical science liaison (MSLs) jobs are incredibly important within healthcare fields such as medical devices, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. If you want a more challenging role than you’ve had ion the past, or this will be your first step into the real world of medical science and you want to be pushed, then you should consider medical science liaison jobs.

Generally, they involve the focus on a specific disease state or therapeutic area, such as rheumatology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, cardiology or oncology for example. The work MSLs is establishing and maintaining relationships with what are known as key opinion leaders, and include clinicians, researcher and physicians within pharma companies, hospitals, academic institutions and many more.

It is their responsibility to make sure medical products are being effectively used, to offer their services as scientific experts and resources, to give advice on future developments in treatment and provide appropriate and useful clinical and scientific data.

Needless to say, it’s a very involved and responsible position. If you feel you have the right attitude, experience and skillset suited to it, and enjoy working with people, then this might be right for you.

Xplore Life Science can help you secure rewarding and exciting new career prospects with some of the biggest organisations and businesses involved in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry. Thanks to the global reach of our agency, have bases in 3 different cities, and offering our services in more than 16 countries, if you are looking to work in medical science liaison jobs beyond the UK’s borders, we are recruiters you need.

Our clients know we only delver the finest talent and candidates who’ve worked with us in the past have been satisfied with our commitment to finding them the very best positions. We are not interested in playing the numbers game and don’t believe that quantity is more important than quality when it comes to recruitment.

To start moving along the path towards a new career, you need to make the first move and contact us. You won’t regret it, though. Besides, we’ve made it very easy to do. You can browse the available medical science liaison jobs we currently are looking to fill for our clients, as displayed towards the bottom of this page, you can contact us directly via email or by calling the appropriate office or simply upload your CV directly to us.

Whichever way you choose to start things off, we will be in touch with you ASAP and then will begin the application process. As well as establishing your work experience and academic qualifications, we will want to know more about you as an individual.

We want to find out why a company or organisation should hire you over other similarly qualified and experienced people. Remember, we’re on your side. Let us help you get the medical science liaison jobs of your dreams!