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Medical Device Jobs and Recruitment

If you are looking for an exciting and extremely challenging career, in a field that’s likely to push you, you should consider applying for medical device jobs. These are split into various categories including dental instruments, IV equipment, hypodermic needles and syringes, stents, catheters, surgical instruments and orthopaedics.

Work may be found for combined drug-device companies, conglomerates and pure-plays. Thanks to constant advancements and innovations. The medical devices industry is steadily increasing in importance within the life sciences area of the medical device jobs market.

Does working at any part in the medical device production and supply chain sound interesting to you? We want to hear from you. At Xplore Life Science, we have a wealth of experience as a recruitment agency working in the life science and pharmaceuticals industry. As well as domestic positions throughout the UK, we can also help suitable candidates find work in Switzerland and even the US.

Whether you are looking for permanent, interim, contract work or something else entirely, we can find the right position for your current situation. Why trust us though?

Although we are a relatively small company compared to other broad-spectrum agencies, this is actually to our benefit. Our smaller size means can fully commit to working directly with our medical device jobs candidates and clients. You will never become just a number on a chart with us.

We are part of the wider and larger network of agencies that includes Picture, Scale Search and where it all started Source Technology. Founded in 2017 by Gavin Tew and Lawrence Hargreaves, two individuals with around 20 years and more spent in the business.

Xplore is run based on a people-first basis. Rather than being a corporate beast that only cares about numbers, our focus on clients and medical device jobs candidates as individuals is what sets us apart.

If you get in contact with us, on the search for that dream position, we will give you all the support and help you need. As part of our application and vetting process, we need to get to know you. We are obviously interested in your experience, qualifications and skillset, that’s a given. More important than that, though, is who you are as a person. To help us help you, we need to understand what drives you, what your aspirations are. This will ultimately help us set you apart from the other medical device jobs candidates gunning for the same position.

If you would like Xplore Life Science to become your biggest advocate and help you find work in the medical device jobs market, get in contact with us today!