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We’re Xplore Life Science, recruitment and talent specialists for the life science and pharmaceutical sectors. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as a key player in the recruitment for these industries. Some of our clients even rely on us solely for their acquisition of talent, which helps us match our candidates more quickly. We’re not just about speed, though. We take the time to get to know our candidates as individuals. Some recruitment agencies may claim that this slows down the overall process, but we’ve found it to be very beneficial in the long run. Despite the fact that we actually enjoy the social side of getting to know you, this strategy helps us to match you with jobs that are more suitable. It means you’re more likely to stay in the job for longer, and we can please you and our clients at the same time.

Regulatory Affairs Jobs

There are a great number of career options available in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs departments, helping drug companies to gather their pre-clinical and clinical data to be ready for new investigational drug applications. When you break it down, someone in regulatory affairs helps companies submit data to regulators to be able to make a drug safe for the public. A regulatory affairs pharmacist will help companies with strategies to enhance their approval for new drug applications, biologic licenses, or marketing applications.

When a drug is granted approval, regulatory affairs ensure that pharmaceutical companies adhere to promotional rules. If you want to work in regulatory affairs, you need to have a strong understanding of the science combined with the knowledge of the regulatory affairs and compliance regulations in the life science industry.

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