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The Pharmacovigilance Industry

Are you a recent graduate or pharmaceutical professional looking to change sectors? You might not know much about the pharmacovigilance industry if this is the case. Pharmacovigilance is firstly all about safety, and secondly about efficacy. You can sum this up with two simple questions – is a drug safe, and does a drug work?

Pharmacovigilance professionals follow a drug throughout its lifecycle. They’re involved with preclinical development, all the way along to post-market surveillance. The term ‘pharmacovigilance’ describes collecting, analysing, motoring, and ultimately preventing adverse side effects of drugs. You can work in pharmacovigilance knowing that you’re helping to save people’s lives. One key point about pharmacovigilance is that it is a mandatory role – pharmacovigilance is required for all drug production, meaning there is always a plethora of opportunities out there.

Pharmacovigilance can be broken down into four areas. You can work in pharmacovigilance operations, where you’ll be collecting and recording information in preclinical development and during clinical trials, and you’ll be in charge of standard operating procedures, literature screening, case study reports, and regulatory expedited reporting. You can also work in pharmacovigilance surveillance, where you’ll be more focused on signal detection and risk management, and you’ll be performing analyses on drug safety data to create or review aggregate reports.

The third area is pharmacovigilance systems, where you’ll be in charge of housing and allowing access to important safety data, while staying in line with naturally changeable drug requirements and regulations. The last area is QPPV (qualified person for pharmacovigilance), which means high level experts in pharmacovigilance working to understand, plan, and advise on regulations.

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