Pharmacogenomics Recruitment

You’ve done the hard work studying, and now you’re ready to see the fruits of your labour by entering the job market. Or maybe you’re an experienced professional in the pharmacogenomics sector looking for the next step in your career. Whatever the reason, here at Xplore Life Science, we’re here to help you take that next step.

We’re Xplore Life Science, and we’re specialists in recruiting for the life science and pharmaceutical industries. That means we’ve built up a wide range of clients in these sectors who are waiting to hear from candidates just like you. Our network of contacts is so strong and extensive that we’re often the first to hear about the newest jobs on the market. We also get access to jobs that may not even be advertised to the public. Not all recruitment agencies can say this about themselves.

The other thing that makes us stand out from the recruitment crowd is our ethos of getting to know our candidates and clients. If you’ve ever worked with recruitment agencies before, you may have felt like you were just a commodity. Here at Xplore Life Science, we do things differently. We take the time to get to know you as a person and as a professional. By doing this, we’ve found we can match you with much more suitable jobs. That’s our goal, after all. We want to get you the very best jobs available.

The Pharmacogenomics Industry

If you’re a recent graduate or a pharmaceutical professional looking to change sectors, you might not know that pharmacogenomics is a relatively new field. Put simply, pharmacogenomics is the combination of pharmacology and genomics. It basically looks at how genes affect someone’s response to drugs, with the goal being to develop medication that is safer and more effective.

The problem with the pharma industry at the moment is that many drugs follow a one-size-fits-all approach, which doesn’t take into account the fact that a person’s unique genetic makeup may be affecting the efficacy of the drug. This efficacy may just mean no response at all, or it can mean potentially dangerous side effects. This is why pharmacogenomics is gaining so much traction – and funding. It’s an exciting and rewarding time to be involved with pharmacogenomics. You can make a name for yourself developing drugs for a range of diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and cardiovascular disease.

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The way we see it, you wouldn’t be looking at this page if you weren’t interested. That’s why we encourage everyone to get in touch. Even if pharmacogenomics is only a passing fancy of yours, we want to hear from you. Pharmacogenomics is growing quickly, and you don’t want to miss out.

We’ve worked hard to build up a pool of pharmacogenomics clients, and we don’t want our hard work to go to waste. Get in touch right now. We’re confident we can persuade you that pharmacogenomics should be the next step in your career.

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