Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialists

Thanks to advances in science and technology, the research-based pharmaceutical industry is entering an exciting new era in medicines development. Research methods are evolving and we have many promising prospects on the horizon – from the possibilities offered by personalised medicines, to the potential offered by harnessing the power of big data.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is driven by, and drives, medical progress. It aims to turn fundamental research into innovative treatments that are widely available and accessible to patients. As well as driving medical progress by researching, developing and bringing new medicines that improve health and quality of life for patients around the world, the research-based pharmaceutical industry is a key asset of the European economy.

At Xplore Pharma, we are driven to make a difference and contribute to an ever faster evolving need for Skilled and Futureproof Talent in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We pride ourselves in being one of the challengers in the industry who apply a traditional network and relationship driven approach in an innovative way, using state of the art Technology and Tools to stay in Close Contact with our customers and provide them with an exceptional service.

Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialists

Our service offering is defined by our purpose and core Business Values

  • Simplicity - We are Straightforward, open and honest and we communicate with care.
  • Progress - Our aim is to create opportunities, accept the challenge and provide a solution.
  • Distinction - Our standards are high, and we take pride in giving everything we can to achieve exceptional performance.

Our Key Areas of Expertise


Quality Assurance Professionals are dedicated to guarantee that the production process and the end pharmaceutical product meets the standards for the proposed use. In a Quality Assurance Department, it is important to get it right the first time, every time. At Xplore we connect Quality Professionals carefully, and we want to get it right the first time, every time.

Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance

Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance experts have the main responsibility to ensure the control, the safety and efficacy of Products whilst staying in close relationships with the Authorities and the Governing Bodies. At Xplore, we aim to be up to speed on most recent legal and public directives which might influence the current staffing needs from our Customers.

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs is increasingly becoming the natural owner of scientific knowledge and data within our customers. The increasing availability of more comprehensive sets of data, RWE, Electronic Medical Records, will allow Medical Affairs to become more and more a key strategic pillar in the quest towards more personalized treatments as well as improved patient experiences. Xplore Pharma has identified the growing importance of Medical Affairs by making it one of our Key priority areas since our Launch.


Clinical research helps find new and better ways to detect, diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. Types of clinical research include clinical trials, which test new treatments for a disease, and natural history studies, which collect health information to understand how a disease develops and progresses over time. The Clinical department at Xplore partners with the most innovative players in the Market who are constantly looking for Talented individuals who will contribute to further development of their products.

Engineering and Validation

Validation engineers measure and analyse process, audit and calibrate equipment and create a document trail that shows the process leads to a consistent result to ensure the highest quality products are produced. We are committed to develop relationships with Engineering and validation experts in the industry and present them with the most exciting projects in the Industry.

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