Pharmaceutical Engineering and Validation Recruitment

There are a lot of key roles involved in the modern pharmaceutical industry that involve high pressure responsibilities and duties. If you are interested in a real challenge and relish, rather than shrink back, the prospect of carrying it all on your shoulders, you might have the right mental attitude for pharmaceutical engineering and validation.

If you are unsure what is involved in validation engineering, let us explain. Individuals operating in this capacity are involved with the measuring, inspection, analyzation, auditing, calibration and testing of the various procedures, machines, equipment and instrumentation involved in manufacturing products. In this case, it’s medical products such as drugs.

This is a highly involved and technical role that requires an analytical mind that is keen on the fine details, does that sound like you? If yes, then we want to hear from you here at Xplore Life Science.

Although we have been in operation for a short amount of time, with our agency only being established back in 2017, our founders and many of our other team members have extensive experience of as much as 20 years and more in the recruitment sector.

Pharmaceutical Engineering and Validation Recruitment Experts

Along with our commitment to putting people first, is what has help us experience an exciting and rapid growth to become one of the leading pharmaceutical and life science recruiters not just domestically, but internationally. We have offices in Europe and the US in addition to our headquarters in the heart of London. Therefore, if you have your sights set on working overseas, we may be able to help make that a reality.

Our reputation is enviable and has taken a lot of hard work on our part to build the relationships we have with some of the biggest names in the industry. We take our job seriously and this is reflected in our achievements. Clients regularly use our services again and again because they trust us to deliver the professionals of the calibre they are looking for.

Ticking boxes and trying to reach those ridiculous monthly targets has never been important to us. We have always focused on matching the right client to the right candidate.

That’s why, should you contact us and get the ball rolling towards a bright and exciting brand-new career or a step further along your current career path, you need to be prepared to be put through your paces.

We not only look at your academic achievements, work experience and skills, but also your personality, thoughts, feelings, goals and aspirations. These are the things we can use to make your candidacy stand out from the sea of competitors.

Whether you contact us by phone, email or send us your CV, do it right away and let us help you!

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