Microbiology Recruitment

The field of microbiology is a thriving one, with opportunities for suitably skilled and qualified individuals abounding. With positions available at many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the UK, USA and Europe, it’s a career path that presents many lucrative and exciting opportunities. If you have a degree in microbiology or any related subject, or have suitable industrial experience, our specialist microbiology recruitment team here at Xplore Life Science are keen to hear from you.

We’re actively seeking out talented individuals who are at any stage of their career within this sector to fill the vacancies advertised by our network of partner companies. If you’re keen to begin your microbiology career in the best possible way or take your existing career within the field to the next level, our team of recruitment consultants are looking forward to working on your behalf to help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Working On Your Behalf

Here at Xplore Life Science we are specialists in the life science recruitment field, and this means that you can count on us to have all the necessary expertise and understanding of what our network of partner organisations are looking for in their prospective candidates. We are here to make it easier to find and secure the most desirable positions within the microbiology sector, and that’s why we believe that selecting us as your chosen partner in recruitment is the right choice.

All of our registered candidates benefit from our high level of service and expertise, and thanks to our many years of experience within the life science sector, we have gained access to many of the most desirable positions advertised by top pharmaceutical companies that rely solely on us to find the most talented individuals to fill their current vacancies.

Leading The Way In Microbiology Recruitment

Unlike many other recruitment agencies that supply candidates for a wide variety of industries, here at Xplore Life Science we focus solely on the life science sector. That means we have an in-depth knowledge of our industry. Our team of specialist recruitment consultants are committed fully to offering the candidates that we represent each and every support they require in their search for the most rewarding and lucrative opportunities and positions within the microbiology field.

Perhaps you want to secure a fully-time permanent position with a big name brand? Or maybe you’d rather have the flexibility of a shorter-term contract, perhaps with an innovative start-up? Either way, we’re excited to get to work on your behalf.

We won’t just settle for securing you any job – we take the time to ensure we’re finding you the perfect job for your needs and requirements. We take a hands-on, personal approach to microbiology recruitment, finding out all about not only each candidate’s experience and educational background, but also their ambitions, goals, preferences and demands. This allows us to match each individual with a company and post that is just the right fit for them.

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Are you ready to find out more about how Xplore Life Science can help you further your career? Then contact our specialist microbiology recruitment team today. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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