We will continue to deliver our SGI services to the high standards you would expect of us. We have adapted our way of working and have robust and flexible plans in place so we can continue to support you during this uncertain and difficult time.

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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

There have been serious efforts over many years to reduce discrimination and prejudice. The phrase ‘diversity and inclusion’ is now routinely adopted, and businesses are starting to commit to improvements in hiring practices to encourage a more diverse workforce.

The 2010 Equality Act provided a framework to help reduce discrimination and protect people in many aspects of their lives, including in recruitment practices and the workplace.

Xplore Pharma is fully committed to the Act, and the principles of diversity and inclusion are embedded into our working culture, forming a vital part of our daily business conduct. We are committed to treating everyone as equals and will never discriminate against any ‘protected characteristics’.

We recognise our role in the creation of a wider culture that is free from discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping and labelling. This is how we work within our own business, and we work with clients, customers, candidates and business partners who also subscribe to these principles.