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    How to Manage Unsuccessful an Internal Applicant for a Role

    If you have recently interviewed an internal applicant for a role in your company and they did no...

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    Quick Wins to Improve Your Interview Experience

    When you are recruiting, your main aim will be to get the best candidate for the vacancies you ha...

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    Is it appropriate to ask for a salary increase during a pandemic?

    Many different businesses have been affected negatively by the pandemic and have been forced to e...

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    Xplore 2020 Review

    Join the Xplore team as we look back at this year and forward to 2021. Key highlights include: Ou...

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    How To Get A Job In Medical Science Liaison

    If you’ve ever thought about working as an MSL you may be wondering how to get a job in the medic...

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    Pharma and Medical Devices Opportunities for 2021

    For the past ten years, the pharma and medical devices industry has gone through a number of inno...

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    How to Prepare for a Management Life Sciences Interview

    If you have an upcoming interview for a management position at a life sciences company you’re pro...

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    What to Include in a Life Sciences CV?

    Your CV gives hiring managers the first impressions of who you are and what you can offer their c...

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    Med-Tech Talks Update

    Med-Tech Talks August update! What have we got in store for the next few months? Powered by Xplor...

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    Is a Robot Keeping You from Your Dream Job?

    Our Vice President at Xplore NYC, Leanne Delaney is hosting an upcoming webinar with The Healthca...

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