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Candidate Experience Top Tips

The candidate experience is defined as the perception of a job seeker about an employer, based on the interaction during the complete hiring process. This includes all points of contact during recruitment – job search, the application process, interview process, and onboarding.

In other words, any candidate experience improvement strategy involves evaluating every single touchpoint through which a candidate comes into contact with a prospective employer during the recruitment process and their feelings about the same.

Your people and processes should be integrated to support a personalized and engaging candidate experience.

The candidate experience is broken down into the following components:

  • Job Search,
  • Job Application
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Interview
  • Onboarding
  • Analysis.

Technology and technological advances are something we can use to improve and add value to our candidate experiences, particularly during a time of social distancing and remote working.

Technology and tool aren’t going to solve all the challenges associated with the candidate experience but can certainly support them. Here are the Xplore candidate experience top tips.

Technology doesn’t replace strategy

People and processes play an important role, but technology is breaking-through to influence the candidate experience. According to a recent Brandon Hall Group report, 93% of organizations said that they plan to use email and 81% plan to use phone calls to communicate with potential candidates over the next 12-18 months. To compare, 44% plan to use texting and 36% plan to use an automated system based on their talent management software.

Mobile-friendly is no longer optional, it’s mandatory

Our current technology landscape encourages 24/7 connectivity. We use our mobile phones from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep – from making phone calls to online shopping, ordering groceries and applying for jobs.

Ensure your career site is mobile responsive and easy to navigate. If not, there is potential that candidates will drop off. It’s important that those who persevere have no issues completing the application process. URL redirects, username and passwords, and portal interface changes make for poor user experience and increase your bounce rate, especially if a candidate is applying on their phone.

It’s mission-critical that your application process supports the devices that candidates are using to apply so you don’t miss out on the top talent and affect the candidate experience.

Interact with candidates before they even apply

Candidate interaction is vital during the current online atmosphere. At Xplore, we use our website, our LinkedIn and Social media to share and capture information at events, sharing industry-relevant topics, blogs and content, that build information and our employer brand presence. Think about content that adds value to your candidates, with the current working remote climate, we’re going to be attracting a captive online audience, who will convert to applicants through the right content.

Interview Tools

Video interviews are now becoming more current, offering a video interviewing option lets candidates know that you value flexibility, it also highlights that you are adapting to the current global situation. Video interview management tools allow you to share an inside view of your organization’s culture to the candidate and they also reduce the time spent on phone calls. Video interview tools create the feel of being onsite, and breakdown the barriers of emails and written communication.

Xplore View Interview Tips 

The MVP of the candidate experience is… Communication

The root of top-tier candidate experience is strong communication between the organization and the candidate, and technology has the power to enhance that, and assist when you cannot achieve face to face communication.

Statistically speaking, there will only be one successful candidate. But don’t write-off the pool of applicants! At the very least, an impactful candidate experience increases the likelihood that they will speak highly of their end-to-end application experience among their peers. Strong and transparent communication is key to develop trust and strong relationships with your candidates.

Think about the simplest idea: send a text to your candidates, keep them updated in their screening process. We all have What’s App and Social networking apps – use them and incorporate them into your hiring process.

As always the Xplore Team is at hand to support your candidate experience and ensure your applicants have the post possible experience during their career search, we’re always at hand with further candidate experience top tips, reach out to the team!

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