Women Who Lead is a Podcast Mini-Series.

Following the stories of 8 females across Life Sciences & Technology.

Women Who Lead is part of Xplore's Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Opening conversations and creating actions surrounding bias in the workplace.

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medtech talks
medtech talks


Women Who Lead is a Podcast Mini-Series, part of Med-Tech Talks. Over the next 8 weeks, we'll be meeting female leaders across Life Sciences & Technologies and hearing their stories. This show is powered by Xplore Life Science, Part of Source Group International. This podcast is presented by Leanne Delaney.

Women Who Lead #8 Mentorship, the importance of finding a good mentor

Women Who Lead Episode #8: Kelli Jonas. Vice President, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs at MediSurge

Women Who Lead #7 The Importance of taking risks and pursuing feedback.

Women Who Lead Episode #7: Cynthia Burkhardt, the Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Philips.

Women Who Lead #6 Imposter Syndrome & The Importance of Vulnerability

Women Who Lead Episode #6 : Martine Zimmerman, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs @ Alexion Pharma GmbH.

Women Who Lead #5 Born in the Red Zone

Women Who Lead Episode #5 Michael is an Executive Coach for Pelaton Executive Coaching and the President of the New York Chapter of The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association.

Women Who Lead #4 The Success Story of a Female Contractor

Women Who Lead Episode #4 Vikki O'Connor, a female contractor across Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, and Regulatory Affairs.

Women Who Lead #3 Resilience

Women Who Lead Episode #3 Tatiana Black, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Aspira Women's Health.

Women Who Lead #2 Relocation

Women Who Lead Episode #2 Tania Thomas, US/Global Regulatory Affairs lead at GSK.

Women Who Lead #1 Business Priorities

Women Who Lead Episode #1 Jhaymee Tyanan, Healthcare Strategy Executive and the Creator & Founder of 100 x 2030.

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