medtech talks

Capturing medical technology innovation through communication.

Med-Tech Talks is a communication series bringing industry leaders and experts together to discuss the challenges and changes they face.

Through articles, blogs, roundtables and a podcast series, I aim to add value to this incredible industry by pulling back the curtain and understanding the real side of the MedTech world!


Med-Tech talks podcast is a monthly show dedicated to the challenges faced by individuals in the med-tech sector. This show is powered by Xplore and SGI.

Med-Tech Talks #1

Our first interview with industry expert Amy Ryman, Founder & Director of STEM girls club @ Tolworth Girls School.

Igniting young girls passion in stem subjects.

The Med-Tech Talks Team

Our team aren't techies themselves. Our podcast is friendly, accessible and a little bit fun.

Want to be a part of one of our upcoming Podcasts? We're looking for guests throughout the Med-Tech sector to join us.

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